Do you have larger sizes of a particular print?

Many of my existing prints are sourced from digital images of my work that aren't quite large enough to support large-format prints. However, new prints that I add to the shop going forward will support printing at larger sizes. Please see the individual listings for details on what sizes are available. Unfortunately, if you don't see the big size you want, chances are it's not possible to print the image that size at archival resolution.

What is your turnaround time for shipping?

Most standard size prints (under 18" or so) will ship within 1 week. Larger prints may take slightly longer. Original paintings (once completed) may take up to 1 week to pack and ship off.

How can I be notified when you have new items for sale?

Thanks for your interest in my work! The best way to learn about new products in the shop, and generally what's new with my art and what I am working on is to join my mailing list. You can also follow Johanna on Facebook.