Golden Seeds

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Person on large, colorful, flower sphere, planting golden seeds.

In honor of spring and new beginnings, I wanted to share a Golden Seed creative visualization + journal prompt with you, below.

It's a good one if you're looking to cultivate some creativity around a stuck place in your life, or a long held dream that's taking awhile to come to life.

 Happy planting!




Imagine you have 3 golden seeds. See them in the palm of your hand. Feel how warm and powerful they are. 

Now picture something that you really, really want. It could be a long held dream, a stuck place you’ve wanted to shift for a long time, or a new wish. 

Hold that thing in your mind and imagine how you’d feel if it already happened.

Imagine the seeds in your hands are getting warmer and warmer as you picture yourself realizing your dream.

The seeds get so warm, that it's time to plant them.

Imagine yourself planting the seeds in the dirt. Stand on top of the place where they are planted. You can feel their roots growing deeply.

The roots are reaching the people, places and things that will help you on your path to your dream coming true. You can relax deeply and know that the roots know exactly where to go.

Now imagine a vine is sprouting from these seeds. You see it sprout up through the dirt.

You feel it growing through the bottoms of your feet and spreading like a fast growing golden vine through your legs.

Feel as the warm golden vine makes its way through your whole body.

Feel the vine bring you the feelings of how you will feel when your dream is realized.

If resistance comes up in your mind or body, watch as the vine grows rapidly through that resistance, breaking it up like a clump of dirt. 

You feel so much love from this plant.

Stay with this visualization for as long as you’d like, feeling the connection you have with your dream. 

Watch as the vine grows out of the top of your head.

Observe what happens next. Does the vine sprout a fruit or a flower? Does something surprising grow or come out with the vine? 

 Try journaling with whatever you see coming out of the top of your head. Try asking it, What messages do you have for me right now? 

 Allow whatever information wants to come up, to come. Feel all of the feelings you have.

 Know that you are safe and in just the right place to easily receive all of the gifts and wisdom these golden seeds have to offer.

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