Past Lives

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Hello friends,

This week we're diving into past lives and knowing things beyond what our logical minds understand. 

Last summer, my husband Gabe and I took a short trip to Paris. 

I’ve always had a bit of a France obsession and felt so happy to be going.  But in the weeks leading up to our trip I felt nervous and agitated. 

I chalked it up to nerves about traveling away from our kiddos for a week, but somewhere inside I knew there was more. 

I felt this big, impending, something was about to happen. Like an alien visit mixed with..death? Was I going to die in France? 

WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN FRANCE? I texted that phrase so often to my friend in the weeks before the trip, that I shortened it to WIGTHIF to save time.

When we finally arrived, I was blown away by what I experienced. I felt a resonance in my body that I’d never felt before, a deep sense of relief and belonging. And, dang! I could not stop crying! 

The crying was not sad, it felt more like this massive heart release. 

I felt in my heart that I had lived many, many, lives in France. 

I didn’t just feel it, I knew it.  I felt that truth in my whole skeleton.

I cried the whole dang time in a way that I can only describe as nostalgic for a place I’d never been before. 

Have you ever had an experience like this? Have you been to a place, had a job, or met a person that you just know has a deeper meaning for you?

This week’s journal prompt and visualization is a guide to connecting with a past life or a truth that you know in your bones. Happy discovering!

Lots of love,




Imagine that you are sitting on a bench outside of the coziest bookstore.

You are thinking about something in your life where you would like more guidance. 

The bookshop owner pops their head out of the bookstore. You have such a good feeling about this person. 

When they look in your eyes, you feel an overwhelming feeling of safety and magic.

You feel that they know everything about you, down to your cells.

They invite you inside for some tea and to look around.

When you go inside, you can’t believe what a magical place this is. 

There are rows of bookshelves and cozy corners to read.

The bookshop owner explains that every book in here has information about you and your soul’s path.

They ask if you would like help finding a book.

You explain that you are looking for more clarity about a problem you’re having.

You explain the problem and they nod and know exactly where to find what you need.

As you wait for them to bring a book, you find the coziest place to sit.

The place you’re sitting is made of the softest, radiant and colorful light.

You feel the light begin to seep into your whole body, nourishing you deeply.

The bookshop owner puts a book in your hands.

By just the feel of the book you know it’s exactly what you need.

You open the book and read about a life that you lived.

You might experience this by seeing this life like a movie in your mind.

Or you may get feelings, sensations, or insight, without a clear picture.

Everything that you experience with this book is just right for you in this moment.

Sit with the book for as long as you need.

You might find that the bookstore owner has brought you a stack of books.

Take your time with each one. You’re in just the right place.

Journal prompt: Try journaling with a book from this magical bookstore. Try asking it: What messages do you have for me right now? What truth would you like to share with me? Allow whatever comes up, to come up. 

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