This is my Tree
This is my Tree

This is my Tree

"This Is my Tree" is an original 18" x 24" acrylic and ink painting on stretched canvas. The image was the base illustration for the poem, This Is My Tree created for the book, KEEP A POCKET IN YOUR POEM by J. Patrick Lewis. 

KEEP A POCKET IN YOUR POEM was especially meaningful for me to work on because it was the first time that I experimented with working digitally on top of a painted image. The final result of that are the illustrations you see in the book! 

I love the dreamy feel of this image and the rooted message of the poem:

This Is My Tree


This is my tree,

And here I climb

To grasp the endlessness of Time,


This is my tree.

And here I trace

Its limbs against the reach of Space

This is my tree,

And from this berth

I take the measure of the Earth.

-J. Patrick Lewis