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Magic Wand journal manifesting exercise for wizards.

For most of my adult life, January has been my favorite month. I know, that's weird, most people don't like it and for good reason. January's cold and dreary, the holidays are over, the nights are long and the nog disappears from the shelves. It disappears, people!

Yet the quiet of the January gives me an excuse to chill and daydream. To tackle new projects, make lists and get a handle on everything I want to let go of and manifest in the new year. Whenever I have a fresh journal and a pencil in my hand, I get a little giddy with possibility.

That's why I'm especially excited to be creating this line of blank journals for you all. Think of these journals as little portable wish makers, a place where emotions transform, plans develop, a place where your dreams and inklings can frolic like they've never frolicked before.

If you like wizards and suspect you are one (spoiler, YOU ARE) here's a little magic manifesting exercise just for you. Grab a journal, and a pencil and meet me below.

Here's to a magical 2018! Big love to you all. 


Imagine you've just sat down with a nice cup of tea and a fresh journal, ready to write out your plans for the year, when a wise wizard appears. You can picture any kind of wizard. A classic old man wizard with a white beard, or a nature fairy godmother type with lavender sticking out of her hair, or a wild lizard wizard in tiny purple lizard robes (correct choice!) No really though, any wizard will do. 

Wise wizard has some big news for you. You. Are. A. Wizard. Also, that pencil you’re holding? Not a pencil. It's your very own, magic wand. Go ahead and take that all in for a second. I know, it's kind of a lot. 

Now the fun part. The wise wizard tells you to go ahead and write out everything you hope for in 2018. All of the things you’re letting go of, all of the things you want to experience and grow and create in the new year. Wise wizard has one little catch though, in order for the magic to really take hold, you need to write it all out as if it has already happened and describe how it feels. 

Don’t be surprised if you start to really feel all of the feelings that you imagine you’ll feel, as you write. That’s part of the magic as well.

Keep writing until the fun of it fades, and then pick it up again whenever you feel inspired.

Wise wizard gives you a high five or a tiny lizard hug or whatever you imagine your wizard to do when they say goodbye, and voila, magic is flowing already in 2018.

Keep blasting off, magical creative peoples! You got this!

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