5 Ways to Cultivate Self-Love

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There are many ways to love yourself, there's not one specific tool or technique that does it, but a culmination of creative tools can help cultivate it over time.

Here are 5 ways to start planting the seeds and tending to your self-love plants:

Happy you gardening!

1. Creative Visualization

One of the most powerful creative tools we can use is creative visualization. Try finding a place where you can lay down and relax for about ten minutes. Imagine a ball of light above your head. This ball is filled with the most loving energy you can imagine. Watch as the ball turns to liquid and pours in through the top of you head. Allow the liquid to permeate every bit of your body. Slowly move the powerful loving liquid through your body, stopping and allowing it to sink in deeply wherever its needed. There's no right or wrong way to do this visualization. If you can't imagine what that would be like, or feel like you're doing it wrong, don't worry. Just focus on the feeling of love and allowing it in.

2. Journaling

A daily practice of journaling can really help us move through our negative programming and into a more supportive, creative flow. Try writing out all of your thoughts on paper for ten minutes without stopping. Really let yourself go, unfiltered. When you're through, ask your higher self, "What are the most loving things I need to hear right now?" Write again, unfiltered. You will be amazed at the deep kindness and healing words that arise. And if they don't come, don't worry. Try again later. There's no rush.

3. Imagine

Try spending the next 15 minutest, imagining the most loving being by your side. They know absolutely everything about you and they love, accept and cherish you deeply. Imagine what it would feel like to be in the presence of this being. Don't worry about imagining the details of this person, just feel the feelings you feel when they are with you.

4. Parenting Yourself

Imagine that you are a child, and a wiser part of you is in charge of you for the next 15 minutes. How does this parent part of you take care of you? Do you need more healthy food, rest, sunshine, love or play time? Try stacking together these 15 minute segments in the day, so that more and more of your day is spent with that wise parent part of you, taking care of you and your needs.

5. Create

Put out a variety of art supplies for yourself. Pencils, markers, paper, paints, chalk...whatever you like! Try making a piece of art for yourself, from your higher self. Allow this higher self to flow through you and see what takes shape. Practice being gentle and non-judgmental to yourself like you would if a child was making art for you. Just the act of allowing yourself to be free and loving to yourself can start the process of transforming old patterns of self-criticism. 

Go easy and gentle. Undoing a lifetime of conditioning can take some practice, but it gets easier and more enjoyable all of the time. You are completely worth tending to in this tender way!